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topic(s) Bio Energy, Geothermal Energy, Recycled Materials, Solar Energy, Wind Energy
designer Paul de Ruiter
type Commercial
client TNT Real Estate
location Hoofddorp, Netherlands
year 2010

Green facts & awards

- GreenCalc + Label A, more than 1000 points
- LEED Platinum Certification
- Location: Green Business Park with perfect public transport.
- BIO-CHP: Renewable electricity generation & heat through biofuel (2nd generation)
- Heat & cold storage: The ground is used for renewable energy.
- Smart Design: Designed from climate principles such as sunlight, heat, wind & water.
- Sun screens: Innovative blinds for daylight control in the building.
- Material Use: Recyclable materials & reduction finite resources.
- Indoor: A fresh & healthy workplace for each employee.
- Atrium: Provides connectivity, energy efficiency and open atmosphere
- CO2-neutral throughout the operation
- 100% Sustainable energy supply
- 60% More energy efficient than building code
- 1.5% Productivity Improvement
- 10% Reduction Total Cost of Ownership
- Official Green Certification / Green Finance
- Innovative Design-Build-Operate-Maintain contract


OVG is currently developing the most sustainable building in Europe: TNT GREEN Office. Architect Paul de Ruiter is responsible for the design of the Green Office. The design is characterized by sustainability, transparency and connectivity. From the very first step the TNT GREEN Office will challenge the highest aspirations for sustainable development. With sustainability as a basis for the design the building aims to reach the highest level in sustainability standards. Not only is the building completely CO2 neutral, the design also achieves more than 1000 points under the Dutch green building certification GreenCalc+ and a US LEED Platinum design certificate. With these achievements, the building will be the most sustainable showcase in Europe. Moreover, the building will be 60% more energy-efficient compared to a traditional building. The sustainability ambition is enshrined in the contract between TNT and the consortium OVG/Triodos Bank.

Partnership with Triodos
TNT has selected Triodos Bank and OVG as consortium partners for the sustainable development & operation of its office portfolio, as part of TNT's Planet Me program. TNT wants its offices to meet the highest standards of sustainability. The first TNT Green Office in the Hoofddorp building will be delivered end 2010.

Long-term warranties
The consortium has offered a very sustainable building at a competitive price. Triodos / OVG will not only develop the building but also own the office for 10 years. This offers TNT as the consortium's principal hard guarantees in the areas of energy and other sustainability performances. All investments in additional sustainability measures are taken within a ten-year payback period.

Innovative DBFMO contract
TNT Real Estate has made an innovative form of contract with the Triodos / OVG consortium. The contract is similar to a DBFMO contract. TNT Real Estate has a contract for 10 years, with a fixed price for water, electricity, heating and cooling. The consortium and end-user TNT are both encouraged to reduce energy consumption throughout the lease period of the building. The consortium also acts as an Energy Service Company (Esco) for the tenant.

Area development Beukenhorst-South, Hoofddorp
The new TNT GREEN Office lies in an inspiring environment. The building is really a meeting point, very transparent and sustainable in a green environment. The building is within walking distance of Hoofddorp railway station (5 minutes from Schiphol Airport).